At Omega Ranch we love outdoor recreation and just plain wholesome fun for the entire family.

With miles of land we can safely buffer activities like ATV areas, a shooting range, campgrounds, and cabins and many other Omega Ranch amenities.  We have obstacle and challenge course(s) that contain walls, webs, pole crossings, cable walks, and mud if you want to get dirty. 

Our grounds are home to three conference centers that hold 30 - 150 people. They are screened in and contain inverters for projectors, lights, and fans. Omega Ranch is perfect for small or large events.

Maybe you want to rough it or have some of the comforts of home. The ranch has 2 large bathroom facilities. Some of our cabins contain showers, toilets, etc. We will even bring in additional facilities for special events.

Event fields are available with approximately 250 acres of pasture/cattle grazing land that can be used for a quick event and parking. Our fields are ideal for soccer, football, kickball, volleyball, Frisbee, relay races and more. Most of these events are a lot more fun at our ranch in the mud!

Do you have an RV? No problem. Omega Ranch has RV sites that can handle most sizes. We have very large to small quiet sites nestled along tree lined areas, lakes, or sports fields.

We have accommodated groups as few as 10 and as large as 3,000!

Let us make your adventure become a reality!